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Mitel 5300 Series

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Mitel 8500 Series

Common Questions and Issues

How can I default my phone?

Dial ∞+394 (or Ⓧ+394). Look at the display and verify the display says STATION DEFAULTED. This will reset the phone to the factory settings.

How can I change the date/time?

From the administrative phone only, dial ∞+9800 (or Ⓧ+9800) and follow prompts.

How can I change my greeting?
From the phone, dial 2500 and press * once the prompt start. Follow the prompts, including inputing the extension of the phone whose greeting you wish to change.
How can I access my voicemail?
From the phone, press the message key and follow the prompts. If you’re calling in from somewhere else, dial the main number and as soon as the greeting starts dial *. Follow the prompts.
I can't be heard/the other party can't hear me.
First, default the phone. If this does not work, try switching out the handset or handset cord. If this still does not work, then seek further assistance.
There is no dial tone.
Look at the display to ensure that it displays your extension number and the date & time; if the display is blank, then there is no power going to the phone. Test to see that if you can speak with another extension; if you can, then this indicates that the system is working, but the outside service is not working. If this still does not work, then seek further assistance.
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